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Pianos on State 2017

Play • Listen • Enjoy

October 2nd - October 16th

10am to 10pm

Keep a sharp ear out for amateur and professional pop-up performances. During open times, anyone is welcome to sit down and play.
Map of Piano Locations


  • Santa Barbara Bowl
  • Santa Barbara County Office of Arts and Culture
  • Santa Barbara Education Foundation
  • City of Santa Barbara
  • Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative
  • Downtown Santa Barbara
  • New Noise Festival
  • Community Arts Workshop (CAW)
  • Connally Piano Service


  • Christine Brallier
  • Andy Proctor
  • Peg Quinn
  • Cybil Gilbertson
  • Jordan Killebrew
  • Paige Kilbourne
  • Judy Nilsen, Eliesa Bollinger, Stacie Bouffard
  • Sara Wilcox
  • Upstarts Theatre @ Peabody School
  • Youth Interactive
  • Ensemble Theatre Company


  • Ensemble Theatre Company
  • Santa Barbara Beautiful
  • Morris Squire Foundation
  • Santa Barbara Education Foundation
  • Montecito Bank & Trust
  • Santa Barbara Bowl and Nicholson Schwartz
  • Downtown Santa Barbara
  • Arroyo Seco Construction and Miles T. Goldrick
  • The Independent
  • Red Piano
  • City of Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara County Office of Arts and Culture
  • Jared's Moving and Piano Specialist and New Noise Music Festival
  • Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative and CAW